Sedation Dentistry for Patients in Hackettstown, NJ

Picture of a dentist performing a dental exam.Does the thought of having a cavity filled, undergoing a root canal, or even attending a routine dental cleaning send you into a panic? If so, you’re not alone. Dental anxiety is a common issue affecting a large portion of the population.

Fortunately, West Morris Dental—one of the leading dental offices in Hackettstown, New Jersey—offers a solution that could make it easier for you to receive dental treatment moving forward. Known as “sedation dentistry,” it involves using medication to encourage relaxation during dental procedures. In addition to individuals with dental anxiety, sedation dentistry can also help patients who have overly sensitive teeth or gag reflexes, reduced sensitivity to local anesthesia, or trouble controlling their movements.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

Various levels of sedation can be used for dental care, including the following:

  • Nitrous oxide (commonly referred to as “laughing gas”) – The patient breathes in nitrous oxide through a mask or nosepiece throughout the procedure.
  • Oral conscious sedation – The patient takes a pill approximately an hour before the procedure.

For More Information

If you’d like to know more about sedation dentistry and whether it’s appropriate for your specific needs, contact West Morris Dental’s Hackettstown, NJ, office today. We look forward to showing you why we’re one of the most trusted general and cosmetic dentistry practices in the Warren County area.

Going to the dentist shouldn’t be just another thing on your to-do list. At West Morris Dental we love what we do. We pride ourselves in creating a warm, enjoyable atmosphere. It is not just about a beautiful smile. Loving your dental family is crucial to making sure you stay on top of your health.